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Work From Home Time Management for Seniors

1 June, 2011

The reasons that people want to work from home are as varied as the individuals themselves. The stay-at-home parent might want to earn a little “me” money. A retired business executive may simply be bored with retirement. A person with a disability may have mobility issues that make driving or commuting difficult.

While many people say they do not plan on retiring, the prospect of having time to travel, garden or simply get up late every morning is tempting. Retirees moving from a busy career and organizationally-based routine may think that they are uniquely equipped to manage themselves. But if they have never telecommuted or run their own business before, they may find a need to manage their time better.

The most common pitfall is working alone is in determining how you’ll manage your time. Far too often, people yearn to work for themselves only to find that once ‘there’ time just seems to slip away from them. Just because you yearn to work at your house, doesn’t mean that you are equipped to do so. A bit of trial and error will help you identify personal and potential pitfalls.

Stay-at-home parents often have a difficult time multi-tasking from a child’s continuous needs to the requirements of their stay-at-home work. For these people, a real time management plan is in order. Working during the time that children are occupied makes sense. So, when your three year old is in pre-school, their school time is your prime time to get to work and avoid other common pitfalls.

Common time usurping pitfalls include running errands, cleaning house, shopping and socializing. Define these activities for yourself and reign in the temptation to wander during the hours of the day when you can find peak performance.

Finding the right incentives to help you stay on track with a work from home schedule is essential. What works for you may not ‘work’ for someone else. Knowing when your best time of the day is, whether it be at night or first thing in the morning, is one easy way to make sure you get done what you set out to do. Getting a handle on how you spend your working hours is a critical key to your financial success and personal freedom.

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by Kate Waylen

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