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Used Car Dealers and Poor Credit Buyers

28 February, 2011

Shopping at a used car lot might seem like a good idea but for buyers with credit problems this is not always the case

We know dealers

Car buyers with credit troubles often believe that one used car dealer is the same as the next. But this isn’t true, especially if they don’t want to find themselves in the same position the next time they need a vehicle.

We can tell them why here at Auto Credit Express because we’ve spent more than twenty years helping credit-challenged buyers find dealers that can offer them their best opportunity at approved auto loans along with a chance to reestablish their car credit.

Subprime auto loans

High-risk car loans go by many names – second chance car loans and subprime car loans – are just two of them. These loans are typically offered through dealers by a number of national and regional lenders.

In most cases these loans are only available from franchised new car dealers because these higher-risk lenders consider new car dealers to be more stable. Stability, in this case, means that for the most part new car dealers are better funded and must have their own repair facilities onsite. These dealerships also typically stock newer, lower mileage used vehicles on their lots with a majority of these vehicles qualifying for fairlyprehensive service contracts (sometimes mistakenly referred to as “extended warranties”) – an important consideration if you want to avoid costly repairs.

Web site equality

Not all web sites that cater to buyers with credit concerns are created equal, either.

Auto Credit Express has helped thousands of customers, through our affiliate dealer network, purchase new as well as quality, low mileage used cars.

Our web site is also different. Not only does it contain the information necessary to make an informed buying decision – tools such as our resource center and auto loan calculators – there’s also a toll free number at the bottom of each page. It’s there, along with our business hours, so that you can contact us to answer any additional questions you may have (you may have a hard time finding one at most of ourpetitor’s sites).

Finally, we would like to point out that Better Business Bureau seal also found at the bottom of each page. It represents our pledge to meet their standards for ethical online business practices. Again, feel free to look for it on any of ourpetitor’s sites).

Check us out

We realize this probably looks like we’re beating our own drum, but at Auto Credit Express we do specialize in placing applicants with those franchised new car dealers we believe can offer these applicants their best chances for approved auto loans.

So if you’re ready to establish your auto credit, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loans application.

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