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Unexpected Happens at Nimble

9 November, 2011

Whoa! Some extremely exciting things happened at Nimble HQ yesterday.

We’re talking tons of balloons, a delicious supply of morning coffee, groovy gift packs, and a huge reveal from the Marketing Team.

It all seems like a bit of a blur now – a dream almost – but here’s a quick recap of what went down…

Goooood morning Nimble!

Early Wednesday morning, when the first of the Nimble Team came into work, they were greeted with a pleasant surprise.

The ceilings around the office were painted a bright red with hundreds of floating balloons.

The lunchroom table boasted a tasty breakfast menu.

A coffee cart – complete with professional baristas – was warmed up and ready to serve anything from a double ristretto to a caramel-infused, soy latte.

And each desk was adorned with an earthy-coloured, 15cm x25cm box full of goodies…

What was in the box?

It’s always nice getting a present – getting an unexpected one is even better.

The 113 boxes speckled around the office each contained the ultimate Nimble Survival Kit – a chocolate bar, stress ball, beverage, and note letting people know that breakfast/brunch/lunch were all on Nimble.

There was also mention of a big reveal at 12pm in the lunchroom.

What the heck was going on?

By 11:30 it was impossible to wipe the smiles off people’s faces.

Anticipation was building. It was hard to imagine what how this day could get any better.

Everyone piled into the lunch area – which had been turned into a theatre room with sparkling stanchions, a buzzing popcorn machine, and a big projector screen.

Once people were settled, the Marketing Team uncovered the motive behind all the excitement…

Brand spankin’ new Nimble TV ads.

As the big screen played one ad after the other, the laughs got louder and louder.

The actors’ unique expressions, the quirky scenarios, and the comical punch lines were a real treat.

As soon as each ad was over, there was a rumble of opinion, praise, and chatter.

Everyone was super pleased with how the ads have turned out.

The Unexpected Happens campaign was off to a flying start. .

Unexpected Happens

Sure, the first part of the day was an absolute blast, but it didn’t end there.

To top off a truly amazing day, everyone* got to have the afternoon off – on Nimble! ‘ /> )

It was the most fun any of us had had at work, since…well…ever!

And now it’s time to share our new ads with you, before they hit TV screens across the country next week.

CLICK HERE to watch the new Nimble ads now.

And let us know what you think, by voting for your favourite or leaving a comment below our pics from yesterday.

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by Gemma Maddock

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