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9 June, 2011

James Bond is one of those classic characters; he kills people, but we kind of like him. Of course, this is not true of real life. Do you know anyone you like who has a history of killing folk? No, me neither (and if you answered ‘yes’, then please get help – now!!!)
The bad credit personal loan suffers from a far less glamorous reality-lacking perception. The reason definitely lies in the title; start anything with the word ‘bad’ and, unless you’re trying to bust onto the gangster rap scene, the chances are it’ll be taken in Dr Johnson’s true sense of the word.
However,the word ‘bad’ can actually represent something good, even if you’re not Snoop Doggy Dogg or some other highly influential pop cultural wordsmith. A ‘bad credit loan‘ is arguably a bad title (by which I mean bad, not good) for a good thing (by which I mean good, yes good!)
It’s often called an ‘adverse credit loan‘, by those who like to make it sound different. The truth, however, is that they are for people with bad credit – so why not tell it like it is?! If you’ve got bad credit, then you’ve got bad credit; it’s not like you murdered anyone (if you have murdered anyone, please realise that you should be looking at your own conscience rather than checking out your personal loan options right now!)
Bad credit is something you are labelled with by others. Not only can you seek professional advice to have this status improved, but you can also find out how you may still be eligible for a personal loan. Many lenders are still happy to grant a bad credit personal loan on terms that will suit your requirements, as well as theirs.
The advice is shockingly obvious, but all too often necessary – talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to a personal loan and they’ll probably make your life better!
It’s only my humble advice, but it’s worked for me so far, so I’m happy to keep repeating it! Do your own homework if you like, but 0844 504 9414 will get you through to an actual human being who you can talk to about personal loans, without any obligation at all.

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