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Selective Service and Financial Aid

16 February, 2011

Guys, Im sure most of you are well aware of the option to register for Selective Service once you turn 18, but did you know that it could have severe financial repercussions if you dont? Unfortunately, many students either do not sign up on purpose or simply forget to, however this can affect how much money you get for school!

There is a federal rule that states that Any man required to register with Selective Service at any time must have done so to receive aid. If youre 25 or younger, make sure to register because after this age, it is impossible to register and you will be unable to receive federal aid from that point forward .

Tips to avoid disaster:

  1. Even if youre not planning to go to school right now, still register! You may want to go back for your degree later in life.
  2. Dont assume youve automatically registered when you register to vote, not all states do this!
  3. Double check that you are registered and get paper confirmation! Government offices do make mistakes, dont allow yourself to fall through the cracks. You can go to the selective service website to find your name on the list of registered males, and while youre there, print off a copy to have on hand.

What if youre over 25?

Youll have to prove that your lack of registration was not knowing and willful. This means providing as much information as possible as to why you did not register. For example, if you were living abroad at the time, this would be a legitimate reason why you may have forgotten to register. In order to go through with this process, you should contact your financial aid office.

For more information on these Selective Service rules, read this publication from the Department of Education.

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