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On the Street Where You Probably Dont Live

29 May, 2011

The Times Online has published the 10 most expensive streets in England and Wales. Whilst most of us might be struggling to get a mortgage, worrying about negative equity or our creditworthiness for a personal loan, it’s unlikely that residents in these streets will have such worries:-
NORTH: Runnymede Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Average price: £1,135,625 (Alan Shearer and Kieron Dyer have lived here)
YORKSHIRE & THE HUMBER: Kent Road, Harrogate. Average Price: £1,173,373 (Attracts wealthy families as well as premiership footballers. Buyers will wait years for the right house on this road to come up for sale)
NORTH WEST: Congleton Road, Alderley Edge. Average price: £1,684,166 ( Home to Cristiano Ronaldo and Peter Crouch, it is the haunt of many premiership football players, pop stars and Coronation Street actors)
EAST MIDLANDS: Beeston Fields Drive, Nottingham. Average price: £972,214 (Owners tend to be entrepreneurs, sport agents and CEOs. Jane Torvill, the ice skater, bought a house here after winning her Olympic gold medal).
WEST MIDLANDS: Wellington Road, Birmingham. Average price: £945,500
EAST ANGLIA: Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge. Average price: £940,714
SOUTH WEST: Panorama Road, Poole. Average price: £4,158,333 (This is a road of two halves – on one side lie mansions with a harbour view, whilst the other side has smaller houses and apartments with no view. Harry Redknapp, manager of Tottenham Hotspur football club, has lived here.)
SOUTH EAST: East Road, Weybridge. Average price: £2,805,000 (John Lennon, Cliff Richard and Tom Jones have all lived here, and it has its own tennis and golf club.)
GREATER LONDON: The Vale, Kensington and Chelsea. Average price: £4,677,500
WALES: Llantrithyd Road, Vale of Glamorgan. Average price: £752,083

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