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7 July, 2011

There is a stark statistic that is quite disturbing indeed and it indicates that the vast majority of all of us are a couple paychecks away from being homeless! Now, this is a little dramatic, but this information is not untruthful when you take into account all of our citizens who are merely getting by from ‘check to check’ on a weekly basis.

While this is sort of a ‘buzz kill’, it truly resonates with how thin we are all stretched in terms of disposable money. To compound the issue, we may have poor credit or marginal at best, and need to acquire a no credit check payday loan in order to alleviate a possible financial issue.

However, is there such a thing, and how can they not check my credit? Well, there certainly is this type of advance against your next paycheck even though your credit may be in question. In fact, this is quickly becoming the norm for lenders to not utilize credit checks as a basis for issuing a cash advance.

What they are using quite regularly is your teletrack status though! This lets them know if you have defaulted on other payday loans recently or have had major issues regarding this sort of loan. As a result, it supersedes the need for utilization of your actual credit history or score for that matter.

The no credit check cash advance has made life so much easier for ‘battle scar ridden’ consumers who just need a quick dose of cash to hold them over for a couple of weeks. This is become a blessing of sorts for so many, especially when they are doing these transactions online.

Obtain the benefits of not having to use your credit history to acquire short term funds today, as the rates are very competitive, and terms can be extremely flexible indeed!

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