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How to Register a Business Name

13 October, 2011

For most of the businesses, we start we need to register the same with the government. Naming the business is first step towards registration of the business. Business name is a platform we will use to transact with other members of the community. It is important as we open bank account, engage in transactions with other parties, receive and make payments etc. All these tasks need proper name of the business.

The Business Name

Personal names are generally used as legal names of business in case of sole proprietorship. But in some instants people use different name for their business. These are called DBA (Doing Business As) or fictitious names. Naming the business using such conventions means creating a business brand. This is the same trick as business incorporated as partnership firms or LLC (Limited Liability Company). For example we can name a super store as “Banana Super Store” instead of “John William”.

If the type of business is a partnership, the business is registered by the name under which the partnership firm is registered. If we are using a company or a corporation as our business platform to start our business, we have to register the name of our company or corporation registered with the government.

Important Documents

For registration of business we need some basic documents or details like tax Id, special permission from concerned authorities for doing specific business, No Objection Certificates, Copies of lease agreements etc. We need to submit all these information on specified forms and applications issued in this regard by concerned authorities.

Procedure for Registration

Laws and regulations for registration of a business differ from state to state. In some states one has to apply to the city or town level and in some states it needs to be registered at state levels. In some states the registration of business is not required. In states where business needs to be registered the availability of name is checked to avoid double naming. After the availability of the name is confirmed, you need to submit the necessary documents along with prescribed fee with the concerned authorities and place an advertisement in a local newspaper for registration of the business. The documents are than scrutinized in detail by the representative of the concerned authority. Once the procedure for verification / checking is complete and if the concerned authorities are satisfied with the information you have provided you will be issued a certificate mentioning the name, place and type of business.

As the requirements for registration of a business change from city to city, state to state, one has to get information from local offices for registration of business. US Government has provided a web site which provides details of requirements for registration of business in different states.

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by Gemma Maddock

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