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Getting a New Car with a Military Discount

27 May, 2011

Active duty military even with poor credit might be able to save money when purchasing a new car

How we can help

Military personnel with poor credit on active duty or in many cases even in the active reserves might be eligible for an additional new car discount.

Understanding issues like these is what we’ve done for over twenty years in working with credit-challenged car buyers here at Auto Credit Express. Even our website addresses issues as car loans during bankruptcy and the poor credit car loans process as well as today’s topic, military discounts and new car financing.

Choosing a car

Because new cars are generally more expensive, people with less than perfect credit usually choose a low-mileage used car. But members of the military in this situation may find that financing an affordablepact or supact new car is less expensive than they might have thought.

Military discounts on new cars

If you are on active duty or in the active reserve of the Army, Navy, Air Force Marines, or Coast Guard you can use the military discount offered by many auto manufacturers to lower the purchase price of an eligible new car.

In most cases, you can also deduct any advertised new car incentives that are being offered on top of the military discount for an even bigger discount.

But just because you qualify for a military discount doesn’t mean you can use it when you’re financing with a subprime auto lender.


Even if you are eligible for one of these incentive programs, car loans for people with poor credit scores work differently. With these loans, once a lender determines the payment range and interest rate you qualify for, it’s up to the finance department at the dealership to show you the vehicles that fit within these requirements.

The payment call also determines whether a new car eligible for a military discount meets these qualifications. The fact is, in some cases it will and in some cases it won’t.

Where you can find a dealer

You also understand that just because a dealer in your area happens to sell new cars with a military discount program doesn’t mean that dealer can get you financed if your FICO scores are too low.

That’s why we first suggest that you to locate a dealer that has worked with individuals in your credit situation.

At Auto Credit Express we help people who have experienced credit difficulties find a dealer for their best chance at an auto loan approval.

So if it’s time you got your auto credit on track, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loans application.

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