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Five Easy Tips for Saving Money

6 November, 2011

Many of us want to save money in this century where a high inflation rate is the biggest disaster. Due to the ever increasing prices of fuels and every other household stuff, we are forced to save money. As we all know that saving money is a basic necessity nowadays and many of us achieve this difficult task by forgetting our utmost desires. While most of us do not try to save money before because they think that it is a very difficult action to perform.

Now here for all those people we have simple tips to save money by just little effort and persistence. Consider the following useful and easy tips to save money.

1. Reuse of household stuff

The contaminated environment in this high industrial and populated era is forcing us to think of a very precious issue that is recycling. We can do recycling of many useful household things like cardboard, paper, aluminum cans and many others. We can recycle this small stuff in the way we want by just using our creative mind or sell them rather than throwing them in the garbage dustbin. Recycling will enable you protect the environment as well as add money in your monthly income.

2. Idea of a Saving Jar

A great wise man Benjamin Franklin said in a quote that “A penny saved is a penny earned”. That was well said by Mr. Franklin many years passed, which is a very simple and an awesome way to save money. Place a jar in your cardboard to save money. In the end of the day when emptying your pocket, place all your change or little money in the jar.

Do this every day and you will find a handsome amount in the end of the month. This is possible as it is easy to place aside little pennies from big dollars.

3. Rounding Up To the Next Dollar

It is a smart tip and you wont release that you are saving money! When you log dealing into your record get in the tradition of rounding-off up to the next dollar. For instance, if you have acquired of $24.54 then change up to $25.00 in your record. When you make a deposit next time, impose yourself charging a fee. Find the fee according to the filler of your bank. A valid constitutes of a $1.00 to $10.00 should easily be unimpeachable. This is equivalent assembling alteration in a jar exclusive it is at your bank.

4. Partial Payment Weekly for bills

People consider it to be the easiest and an attractive way of saving. Here to use this tip write a list of all your outgoing expenses and divide it by 4. For e.g. if your monthly income is $1500 ($18000 annually) then dividing it by four make it $375. Each week calculates the assets from a checking chronicle or gauges the money in savings or pelts it in a wrapper. Make a habit to pay your bill twice a month and for fifty-two weeks keep up the weekly installments.

5. Coupon Clippings and keeping a check-in balance

Coupons are still very useful today. Now finding the right coupon is even easier as many retailers provide online coupons. You can use these coupons to find what you saved, for instance, you will find it in the several receipts that ‘you have saved this much’. So place these saving in the secret spot or jar.

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by Gemma Maddock

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