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Famous Rags to Riches Stories

28 May, 2011

Rags to riches stories are not only for those who want to be wealthier in their lives, instead everyone would love to read about the hard times the riches have spent to be at the position they are today.  These stories help one get inspiration as well as determination and to those who want to achieve a name in their lives.

Born in New York, John D. Rockefeller was one out of his five siblings. By profession his father was a salesman and rival of conservative ethics.  His father always refrained working hard for his family, and John’s family had poor financial conditions then. John got his first job for $50 (three months) as a book keeper. His continuous hard work made him build an oil refinery with his friend Maurice B.Clark in 1859.  Initially, it was the two of them running the factory but later, by getting his brother also into this business and consecutive efforts; Rockefeller became the World’s first Billionaire and found the company ‘Standard Oil Company’.

Liz Murray had the worst childhood anyone can ever have. She was born to HIV-infected in New York. Her parents were drugged addicted and poor.  Her mother died when she was 16, and she was left all alone since Murray’s father also neglected her to be fullest.  She went to an ordinary school but succeeded in graduating in just two years because of her hard work. She got admitted in Harvard later, which changed her life. Today, Liz Murray is one of the finest speakers around, and she speaks about life’s ups and downs, determination and moving on in life no matter what. There have been a lot of movies being made on her life.

Born in Birmingham, U.K, Ozzy’s father and mother were a toolmaker and car component dealers respectively. He went to school but couldn’t do well because he used to take more interest in extra curricular activities especially playing music. He was dropped out of school ultimately and in between, he worked from a tool maker to a plumber to a car factory worker.  Furthermore, he was blamed once for the robbery of a boutique.  He continued his passion for singing and became the vocalist for a local band. He was good enough in his work so created his own band named ‘Black Sabbath’. Despite getting arrested several times and a bad repute, he could produce nine studio albums, three live ones, and a number of singles, which are still worth listening and made to hit lists.

J.K. Rowling was born in England.  After she was done with her school, she found out her love for writing stories, imaginary/fantasy stories. She used to travel a lot from one village to another. After her mother died in 1990, she moved to Porto. She got married there but later she was separated and was left with a daughter.  She had already started writing the famous Harry Potter Novel. Rowling and her child moved to Scotland. She kept writing the book but became an anxiety patient and tried committing suicide several times. She completed the first novel but traveling to different places, cafes, etc. But today, J.K. Rowling is a billionaire with more than 400 million copies being sold.

Richard Branson was born in London. He belonged to a nice family. He did receive good education but his interests were otherwise.  During his childhood, he liked raising parrots and growing Christmas trees but both failed. In his teen age, he set up a record mail-order business. He continued with this work and opened several record stores and this business of his boosted even more in 1980s.  His brand became a music label named Virgin Records, which made him the 245th richest man in the world. He owns several islands in the Caribbean too.

Chris Gardner had an awful childhood. His mother got married to a man who was neither a good husband nor a father.  He left the home and got selected in Navy. He worked as a medical supply salesman there but left the job eventually since the medical supply industry was developing and changing. He got married and found hs new interest in stock brooking. He with the help and motivation of his son, cleared the exam and got a fine job at Bear Sterns.  In 1987, things became awesome for him and started his first brokerage firm called Gardner Rich & Co.

Wayne was born in Chicago. During his entire childhood, his father kept abusing his mother, his siblings including him, even after they moved to Florida.  He joined the school in Chicago but was dropped out and ended up being a part of the Army reserves and got himself trained.  He later moved again to Florida and purchased a truck and started taking the garbage out of his country. The garbage truck he bought became a very prosperous business and became known as Waste Management Inc. His company became very famous all over United States.  He collaborated with the business with Viacom and became fortunate enough to create 500 companies.

Jim Carrey had a fine childhood at the start, but as he grew older his family conditions started getting worst. His family worked for the Titan Wheels Factory when they were moved to Scarborough. He studied and worked at a time.  Despite his extra hard work and struggle, his family conditions were still unstable and poor. He had dreams of becoming a comedian and started off with it as a stand up routine. Since he was talented enough, he got selected in his first ever sitcom named The Duck Factory.  Later he worked in Living Color Cast, which was one of his biggest hits. He also played characters in The Mask and Ace Ventura. To date, he is one the most exceedingly paid comedians.

The leading industrialist Andrew Carnegie was a poor child from Scotland. His family moved to America, and Carnegie got his first job in a cotton mill. Later he got a job as a telegraph messenger. People used to praise him because of his honesty and ethics so someone offered him a very nice job with more money as a corporate ladder. He started his investments in railroad companies and got lucky when he invested in the steel industry. Today, he is a billionaire and a leading industrialist.

Who doesn’t know about Oprah Winfrey? She lived without her mother when she was born and was raised by her grandmother. Financially, they were poor. However, Oprah’s grand mother did teach her to read even before the age of three. She moved to her mother in Milwaukee later, financially poor but amazingly good in academics.  She ran away from her home out of desperation and went to her father in Tennessee. There, she opted for a radio show first which got popular, so she switched being the news anchor and later ended up becoming a television host. Today, Oprah Winfrey owns the best television show ever, a channel of her own and a magazine.

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by Gemma Maddock

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