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Family Fitness Activities Budget Family Fun for Summer

13 September, 2011

Blue skies, long days and warm weather are the perfect ingredients for getting active outdoors.

Whether you’re family has been getting a little soft around the edges or if you’re just feeling sluggish from spending too long curled up on the couch during the colder months, summer is a great time to get fit as a family. And boy do we have a long list of things you can do to get physical!

If the idea of “fitness” and “exercise” sound more like torture to you than fun – try and shift your thinking. Getting active doesn’t have to be about losing weight, it’s about having fun and making the most of this grand weather!

Also, if you spend all morning running around outside, then you’re definitely allowed to spend the afternoon having a lazy nap under the ceiling fan, listening to the birds outside… ahhh bliss!

This list of family fitness activities has something for everyone – and best of all – they’re all pretty cheap, if not free!

Backyard Antics

– Play tag. – Throw a football around – Set up a net and play volleyball – Play soccer – Set up a putt-putt course – Play bacci – Create an obstacle course – Go skipping – Play a game of ultimate frisbee – Play a game of family tug-o-war – Play ‘red rover’ – Play dodgeball – Have a water pistol fight – Hula hoop – If you have a pool, play a game of ‘marco polo’ or ‘ships, boats and submarines’

Nature Time

– Go on a hike – Go swimming in a quarry or water hole – Spend the day at the beach – Go rock climbing – Climb a tree – Go to a different park to your usual spot – Go on a bike ride

Indoor Fitness

– Do yoga together via a Youtube instructor – Play a fitness game on your gaming console – Create an indoor obstacle course – Invite your neighbours and friends over for a disco – Dance-clean

Hire Fun

– Hire canoes – Pay to visit your local swimming pool . – Go ice-skating – Go bowling – Play laser tag – Find a flying fox or zip line park – Do a ropes course – Take a martial arts class together – Hire some racquets and court time and play tennis

Whoa! So much fun to be had!

Don’t forget the essentials – sunscreen, a hat, healthy snacks and plenty of water! If you have any other fun family fitness activities that you like to do with your brood, let us know in the comments below!

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by Gemma Maddock

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