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Best Debt Settlement Companies of 2011

16 April, 2011

If you ever run into the huge financial troubles of running up debts, you will need the help of some debt settlement companies. Most of these companies offer the same range of services, yet a few offer more options. While choosing a company for debt settlement, reputation precedes everything else. It is always advisable to deal with only a company that is accredited by unbiased organizations.

Oak View Law Group is probably the best company for you if you are looking for a debt settlement. They have a wide range of services and provide you with a professional lawyer. It is always going to be comforting with a lawyer on your side through debt settlement negotiations. Oak View Law Group also offers you a money-back guarantee. This is another key feature that works in their favour to be named as the best company. They are a law firm and take you through the whole process ethically and according to the laws. You are in safe hands and there is a good chance your debt settlement will work out well. Oak View Law Group enjoys a stellar reputation in the field and that is the most important thing in their business.

Negotiate Bills have a model that is self-directed. It works very differently from all the other debt settlement companies. The customers maintain the major control over their own funds and have the final say in managing all of their accounts. While this may work well for many disciplined individuals and industry groups, but a lot of the people in debt do not want that control. They are in debt because they were unable to manage their finances, so they want a company who does all the work for them. Such people should not go for Negotiate Bills, but others should definitely make use of excellent services provided by them.

Coastal Credit Solutions is one of the best companies that you can opt for. The main thing that sets them apart is that they do not only offer debt settlement. They also offer other choices. One of them is credit counseling. You can opt for it and try to find a debt solution through that. If not, then they provide a pretty good debt settlement pla. They have a great reputation and provide excellent customer care and support.

Premier Financial Debt Help is a credit card debt settlement company.  The one thing that rely works in its favor is that it offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. This shows that they have the belief in the product and that is assuring to the customers. The thing that does not work in their favor is that there is a lack of information about them to an extent. However, they do have some good contacts in the business and have an excellent reputation.

CuraDebt is another credit card debt settlement firm. It is quite a task just getting the price out of them. You will have to give all of your financial information first. A thing that favors them over a few others is that offer debt consolidation along with debt settlement. This offers you a choice about how you want to proceed. Also, they always get your final approval before making a settlement on your behalf. Not many companies do that. With CuraDebt, you get to have the final say.

One strange thing about Impact Debt Solutions is that it is not accredited with a major consumer group. It claims it is not affected by ratings. Yet, many of the customers are concerned about ratings since their finances are on the line. Other than this minor drawback, Impact Debt Solutions makes a pretty good impression. Their costs are very competitive and they have had no customer complaints for a reasonable period of time. Their customer help and support is excellent, providing all the details honestly. Also, they provide access even on weekends and that certainly makes it convenient. If the company makes the effort to get accredited with a major consumer group, then it will definitely be drawing in more consumers.

NetDebt is another debt settlement company that has a lot of good points but fails in one area. It does not have accreditation by many unbiased companies, and that makes it a less favorite choice for customers. Still, it has some good points. It offers a relatively easier payment package that can be extended up to twenty months more than other companies. It links up the customers with attorneys closer to their areas. The attorneys are all highly qualified to carry out debt settlement issues. NetDebt also has a very informative and user-friendly website. It allows access to online accounts and that is very convenient for the customer.

New Beginnings Debt Settlement does not rank too well. It is a company that is average and with so many better companies around, you wouldn’t want to risk with this one. It offers only one service and that is debt settlement. This cuts down all the other options that a customer could have for settling the debt. A company should be able to provide a wider range of options to the customer. Also, they do not have too many working hours and it is difficult to contact them if you are at work all day. They provide an online account that is of some help. New Beginnings Debt Settlement does not have great customer reviews. Rather it has a mixed set of reviews and also does not have many accreditations with unbiased organizations.

Freedom Debt Relief is a company that ranks well only because it has loads of experience. It has won numerous awards. It also enjoys quite a few solid affiliations. Yet it has its down sides. There are a few too many customers who have registered complaints against Freedom Debt Relief and that does not go down too well for the company’s reputation. Otherwise, it has fairly good points. The customer help and support is excellent. They provide online accounts and their fee is standard with the others in the industry. Still, the company sounds risky so it is a better option to avoid it when better companies are available.

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by Gemma Maddock

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