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5 Thoughts That Will Automatically Make You Feel Good About Yourself

16 June, 2011

Some days just suck.

You wake up in the morning and don’t want to get out of bed because you hate your job, you have no money, you’re fighting with your best friend or whatever. And it just sucks.

But there is a way to turn your frown around, and it’s super simple.

Next time you’re feeling lower than snake’s belly in a wagons rut , just think about this:

1. You’re actually really lucky to be alive.

Truly, you are. Being born is really hard. There’s heaps of stuff that can go wrong, and a lot of the time it does. Furthermore, everyday we come into contact with things that could potentially kill us. Cars, planes, trains, crazy people, sick people, mangy dogs. Lucky for you, none of these neighbourhood dangers have gotten the better of you yet. Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving another 24 hours!

2. There’s always someone in a worse situation than you.

So your car broke down and you have to catch the stinky bus to work every day for the rest of the month until you can afford to fix it. I feel for you. But can anyone say #firstworldproblems? There’s heaps of people suffering all over the world, and without getting too depressing, there is probably someone not too far away from you who would be thankful to have a job that they could catch a stinky bus to.

3. There’s always someone in a much better situation than you.

So what? That’s inevitable. Don’t let it get to you. Work hard, learn what you can, be healthy and good things will come your way. Stop comparing yourself to others, and start focusing on you.

4. Some things you can’t change, some things you can.

If there are things in your life that are making you unhappy, and the only reason you’re doing them is to please someone else – just stop. It’s not worth it. Change the things you can, and learn to accept the things you can’t.

5. Every good and bad thing comes to an end eventually.

If there’s something really horrible going on for you right now, don’t worry about it too much. Eventually, it will come to an end. True story. The same goes for all of the good things in your life, so try and appreciate every nice thing you see, do or hear today.

There you have it.

5 “save-the-day” thoughts to wake up with.

Hold hands while you cross the road, don’t try and do your own electrical work, stop and smile when you hear a nice song and before you go to bed tonight, congratulate yourself on living another wonderful 24 hours of life.

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by Gemma Maddock

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